Why It Is Best To Do Business In Koronadal City?

Why It Is Best To Do Business In Koronadal City_

Koronadal City is one of the most growing small cities in Mindanao. It is considered as center of economic in Region 12 as most of the regional offices are now being transferred in the city. This shows that Koronadal City is expanding its reach and growing not only locally but as well as to its neighboring cities and municipalities. There are a lot of reasons why you should start your business here in Koronadal City and in this article we will discuss major reasons to consider in putting up a business in the city.

Peace and Security

The city is known to be the home of peace loving people. The city can handle security cases for national and international events as shown in recent CIOFF being held in the city for 2 years. We also handle national festivals and event seamlessly. Our local festivals and events with thousands of visitors coming from neighboring city and municipality are being moderated well with no major security cases or outbreaks. This shows and proves that Koronadal City is ready to cater much bigger events and can assure its business owners and investors that they are protected and our police force are prepared for any incident that may occur in the future.

Lively Festivals and Events

Another major reason to consider investing in the city is that we have a lot of lively Festivals and events in a year. With these festivals, our city becomes more vibrant and alive which is very important for economic growth for a city. Huge numbers of visitors are coming and visiting the city with the each festivals being held thus it also creates great revenue for businesses and opens opportunity to create more business. CIOFF also known as Pyesta Kolon Datal an International Folklore Festival which give way to different countries to represent their culture in our city from Japan, South Korea, Romania, Malaysia, South Africa, and other parts of the Philippine as well. The festival opens opportunity for our city to grow and welcome new businesses. It opened well-known coffee shop, cafes, restaurants and even hotels and guest houses. New malls and several branches of a popular convenience store are being opened in the span of 3 years. This indeed shows that having those said festivals and events really help boost the economic growth of the city.

Opportunity and Expansion

Koronadal City is not yet congested with a lot of tall buildings and commercial spaces. This fact opens big opportunity to investors to not only build a business but owning a place or a piece of land in the city. There are several real estate expansion that are being developed as of now. This shows that the city is indeed expanding its reach more and trying to compete with larger city. What makes it good is that you will be pioneering here in Koronadal City. You do not have big competition as of the moment and when the time comes that city will grow further, you are now an established business.


Those are just a few major reason to consider and why it is best to do business in Koronadal City. You will certainly have an edge and if you are willing to take part of the city’s rapid economic growth, you may want to consider planning your next business venture.


Andy Suarez

Author Since:  May 15, 2018