Why Visit Koronadal City

why visit koronadal city

Koronadal City has been quite busy with so many things going on in relation to attracting tourists to visit the place. Many sites have been preserved and others developed to add options to its growing tourism destinations. Here are more reasons why you need to visit Koronadal City as soon as possible.


The city pumps its year with the Hinugyaw Festival in the very start of every month. While T’nalak Festival of the province is celebrated in the middle of the year, there is no lack of festivities within the months in between. The celebrations of the festivals within the city are infused with cultural relevance which showcases the unique culture and tradition of South Cotabato, in general.

The reach of the participation of the city about festivals have not only reached national but also international.  


The richness of cultures in Koronadal City has paved way to its many many opportunities. The preservation of the cultures of its tribal people has been the priorities of the government. Awareness has also been high regarding sensitivities of cultures and traditions. In fact, you can visit or immerse with the tribal families with the approval of the city, of course. One way to learn about the tribes is to live with them and you can do that… 

image via: Kanami Koronadal


The establishments of numerous cafes in Koronadal City have been rampant throughout. Each of these establishments has their own identity to maintain patrons. With the unique themes comes variety of menus but still within the range of your tastes. You can visit the city’s website to check the registered establishments in the city.

Local Food

Majority of the people living in Koronadal City are Ilonggos. Not being biased but Ilonggos are one of the best cook. And that translates to the local food within Koronadal City. Nevertheless, the dishes which always stand out are those which are inspired with tribal delicacies.              

Delicacies and dishes of the neighbouring municipalities are also introduced into the city by many business establishments. In the past couple of years now, many local food businesses have been established – and that can only mean positive things. The listings of local food establishments are also found in the city’s website.