Events in Koronadal City

Band Performance at Hinugyaw Festival 2019

In these past few years, we have witnessed how Koronadal City has hosted and delivered several events which have focused a spotlight on the city – or the province as a whole. Some of these events have been held in the city every year while most of those newly celebrated created a positive noise for Koronadal City.

Here are some of the events to look forward to Koronadal City:

Hinugyaw Festival

Hinugyaw Festival is always celebrated with the Foundation Anniversary of Koronadal City. Held every early of January, the festival is the celebration of every culture which has thrived in Koronadal. Colorful street dancing, music events, pageants, and food fest are among which gives colors and highlights to Hinugyaw Festival.

 Motorcycle Festival

The 1st Koronadal Motorcycle Festival was held last April 22-29, 2017.  It was the 23rd Annual Convention of the National Federation of Motorcycle Clubs of the Philippines, which Koronadal City hosted.

This event was rather ambitious as it aimed to break the Guinness world records for most simultaneously started engines, most simultaneously sounded motorcycle horns, and the largest motorcycle parade. It was participated by nationwide motorcycle clubs and enthusiasts.

Ambition became reality when the event did break the Guinness world records it has aimed at breaking. Also, the event opened the Treasures of SOX Travel and Trade Expo.

Negosyo Festival

Celebrated with the Charter Anniversary, Negosyo Festival is held every 10th month of the year. The event highlights the “political, cultural, and socio-economic activities” of the province, in general.

This event is largely participated by business establishments, especially within the city. Generally, the event aims to introduce the latest trends in business development strategies while helping flourish the micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs). Negosyo festival wants people to realize that people should grab business opportunities and that the local government is open to help them realize these opportunities.

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T’nalak Festival

South Cotabato is the Land of the Dreamweavers. Rightfully so, T’nalak Festival celebrates the anniversary of South Cotabato every July with the name of the festival adopted from the traditional cloth of the T’boli tribe which has come to symbolize “culture, strength, and unity”.

Perhaps one of the largest festivals in SOCCSKSARGEN, T’nalak Festival has been participated by thousands, not only within the region but also, from neighboring regions. The colorful festivities might be televised but the experiential values it brings to the attendees are unparalleled.

T’nalak Festival brings together the municipalities of South Cotabato into rhythmic and psychedelic festivities. It also highlights each municipality’s economic strengths and tourism capabilities.


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