Hotels in Koronadal City


Top Recommended Hotels in Koronadal City

There are a lot of hotels and place to stay when you are in Koronadal City. A lot of them are actually pretty good. So in this post, we have create our top 3 picks for best places to stay when you are visiting Koronadal City. Here are our honest reviews and why it is best to stay one of these hotels when you plan your next vacation or overnight stay in the city.

Eighty-Eight Hotel

One of the reasons why Eighty-Eight Hotel is one of the top choices of accommodation in Koronadal City is its strategic location within the city. Although most of the hotels are very accessible through a direct commute, Eighty-Eight Hotel is walking distance to many of the other spots in the city.

Aside from being literally in front of a mall, the hotel is also a few meters from the Public Market and the Yellow Bus Terminal. Food establishments are also just around the corner from the hotel, aside from the one on its ground floor.

Its convenience and accessibility is not its only perks. The hotel services and facilities are a run for your money. The tight competition has paved way to a relatively continual progress in its services, offers, promotions, and facilities.

Whether you are looking forward for short-term or a long-term stay in Koronadal City, Eighty-Eight Hotel will remain on the top of your choices for accommodation.

Paraiso Verde Hotel and Resort

The nearest beach is approximately an hour and a half drive from Koronadal City. While this may be not a very taxing drive to say the least, the commute to the beach can be rather challenging.

What the Paraiso Verde Hotel and Resort did is bring the waves to Koronadal City by powering its pools to generate artificial waves but with the same impact.

The promotions of the place are centered to its unique feature of artificial waves, which has been so successful. Currently the place is one of the top choices for group events not only within the city but from the neighboring cities and municipalities as well.

Their location, which is in Zone 1 along Midsayab-Marbel Rd Highway is not very difficult to go to.

One of the persistent complaints about the place is its expensive food and corkage charges. Their foods need a lot of improvements not only on taste but also in prices. Strategically, their corkage changes are aimed to discourage the bringing of outside foods.

Nevertheless, nothing beats Paraiso Verde Hotel and Resort with the services and fun activities they offer. Which is without a doubt, they remain one of the top destinations and get word-of-mouth referrals.

FB Hotel

FB Hotel stands elegantly along Banga-Koronadal City Rd National Highway. Now one of the high-end hotels in the city, FB Hotel boasts its top hotel services while also offering various choices of food, coffee, and pastries in its lobby.

With numerous rooms of various styles, capacity, and rates, anybody is welcome to stay at FB Hotel. Also, the place is walking distance from Alunan Avenue where the nightlife in the life is at its busiest especially during weekends.

Being also a Convention Center, FB Hotel is also one of the top choices for hosting events, especially those which require attendees to dress up.

Its rates, though can be considered as steep compared to its counterparts, are reasonable and are downright affordable. As you enter the place, you will realize that you have gained the returns of what you paid for.

Therefore, should you choose to stay in Koronadal City with style, FB Hotel should be the first of your considerations.

We hope that these notes will be helpful for you in your next travel adventure. If you are planning to visit Koronadal City, be sure to remember this article and do not miss one of the top recommended choice we have provided.