Koronadal City Hinugyaw Festival

Koronadal City Hinugyaw Festival

Hinugyaw Festival comes right after the celebration of the New Year. Without any pause or rest from New Year festivities, the Koronadaleños celebrate Hinugyaw Festival to commemorate their Founding Anniversary.

With the beats of drums and the coordinated motions of colourful costumes, children from various schools participate in street dancing competition bearing identities from numerous tribes in the region. The street dancing competition has always been the highlight of the week-long celebration. To pump the festivities up a notch, Alunan Avenue will be lined up with sound system blasting the spirits of disco sa kalye.

This commemoration of the foundation anniversary is laden with scheduled activities each day. One thing is always sure though, aside from being super fun, they are also spectacular and organized.

What separates Hinugyaw Festival from other festivities held in the city is that this festival gives tribute to its origins. It showcased how various ethnicities have comprised what is now Koronadal. It reminds the people of Koronadal to look back to their origins and help preserve their cultures and protect the ethnic groups which have thrive despite the influx of modernity.

Hinugyaw Festival is about the history of the people of Koronadal. It is about the celebration of cultures and ethnicities. Above all, it calls for the recognition to the contributions of different ethnicities into shaping the thresholds of Koronadal.

It is with great preparations, always, that the city welcomes its visitors both local and non-local. Not only are the business establishments getting ready for the arrival of many people, but the security in the city is also being tightened to ensure the safety of all the people in the city.

At present, it may be stricter to enter the city, but for security purposes, every person who will be experiencing Koronadal City will have to abide to its security protocols.

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