Koronadal Night Market

Bbq Stand in Koronadal City

The night in Koronadal has become merrier and brighter than ever. People in and around the city has additional option on how to spend their weekends. With this initiative by the city government, various small-scale local businesses have been thriving through visits and spending of the locals and visitors alike. (Check this page if you are looking for where to stay in Koronadal City and find more accommodation deals.)

Koronadal Night Market is commonly known for its barbeque stalls and thrift shops. With the allotted area around old Municipal building, the place sparks as early as 05:00pm and blazes as the night goes on. Before the area is most commonly called a B-Walk, short for Barbecue Walk, because of the arrays of barbecue stalls by the street.

When ukay-ukay stalls, fruit stands, and street food stalls are added to the area, it has become the Koronadal Night Market. The area has also expanded due to additional stalls and events in the place.

Being, literally, the neighbor of the police station, the place has never had any security issue. Also, the security measures in city are very efficient especially at night.

In some occasions, especially when there is an event in the city, there are performances which are held in the night market. Usually a sing-along performance, the city brings various local artists to perform on stage. This is definitely one of the good reason to visit Koronadal City and stay for a few days. You will surely enjoy doing some of the things mentioned above.