Mambukal Hot Springs

mambukal hot spring

Mambukal Hot Spring

Barangay Mambukal of Koronadal City has been attracting more people traffic in the past few months due to a couple of tourist attractions in the barangay. One of the most sought-after in the place is the hot springs which have been reopened to the public after the resort has been remodeled.Every weekend, the place seems not to run out of people not only from the city but from the neighboring cities and provinces as well. The natural hot spring and the cold spring which sit on the foot of the mountain are very easy to access from the highway. The place also offers a trekking experience to the grotto which has aged due to being abandoned after being put up a few years back.As of moment Mambukal Hot Springs do not yet offer for an overnight stay. There are cottages available in the place for people who wish to stay longer or for groups who are in celebration.The hot and cold spring are adjacent to each other and are not very deep. That is to say, they are not very much for swimming. Nevertheless, the recreation they do to your body is enough to keep your blood relax its flow.A third pool has just been constructed to give the crowd more options. With the very reasonable entrance rates, the place is always swamp especially during holidays.One of the newer additions to Mambukal Hot Springs is the opening of their food services to cater guests who wishes to have a meal or merienda while enjoying their stay. Who is to say maybe the place is gearing up to allowing the guests for an overnight stay? After all, hot springs are best enjoyed during the colder parts of the day which are nighttime and early morning.Lastly, they are active in their social media which makes contacting them easier and getting an update about their place not hassle.


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