Recreation and Tourism in Koronadal City

siok falls koronadal city

Koronadal City boasts tourism spots which, though may not be as popular and spectacular as those of its neighboring municipalities, attract local and national tourists, nonetheless.

A city in South Cotabato, Koronadal is home almost 180 thousand people living in peaceful community. Despite being in Mindanao and the reputation that precedes Mindanao, South Cotabato is one of the peaceful provinces and prides itself in maintaining it so.

If you find yourself in the city you might want to consider checking the following:

  • Siok Falls
  • Siok Falls is series of mini-waterfalls which created a river as the water cascades down the forest. The place is well-known for its river trekking adventure. Siok Falls formally opened since 2012 and has been visited my many repeatedly.
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Currently, Siok Falls is one of the top tourist destinations in the city. The Local Government Unit (LGU) is focused into making sure that Siok Falls is preserved and that there is a system of collecting garbages around its premises.

  • B’laan Cultural Village
  • Acculturation has continually threatened the preservation of tribal practices and places. A B’laan tribal village has been thriving in Brgy. Assumption in Koronadal City. CIOFF or the International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Art has, among others, shone light to the cultural village. The city has in turn continued its efforts to support the community and has named it one of the destinations for tourist immersions.
  • Mambukal Hot Springs
  • Mambukal Hot Springs have just been slowly gaining attention again as it is being refurbished and opened to the public. The place sports a hot spring pool and a cold spring pool as of the moment. It has numerous cottages but does not yet accommodate overnight stay.

The management of the place has also coordinated with the local barangay transportation group to ensure that no tourist who will be going to the place will be overcharged in fare.

Currently, the place is still in its renovation efforts to make it better. Nevertheless, they have been welcoming tourists for quite some time now.

  • Paraiso Verde Resort & Water Park
  • Paraiso Verde Resort & Water Park is arguably one of the most well-known resorts in the City. It is the first to sport a wave pool in the region and has been very well-known for it also.

The resorts location is one of its most notable edges as it is just located beside the highway. From the name of the resort itself, it prided itself to bringing paradise to its guests.


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