Siok Falls

siok falls koronadal city

Siok Falls 


 A waterfall in the city of Koronadal is not something one would expect of. When one wishes to go to this city, he would not be thinking about picnicking to this waterfall. 


However, surprising as it is, going to a waterfall when in the city is one of the options.Siok falls is a cascading waterfall through a forest from up a mountain. The multiple tiers of the waterfall allow for a trekking adventure. The road up is very friendly that even a child can be able to trek it easily. 


There can be slippery leaves and roots especially when there is rain.In the effort to preserve the place, the city is very particular in ensuring that no guest will be leaving any garbage in the place they have stayed(
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today). Garbage bags are provided along the way and there are caretakers who are assigned to maintain the cleanliness of the place.


If you prefer to trek on higher tiers of the waterfall, the caretakers will be accompanying your group to guide and make sure that you are safe. There are rocks to climb if you wish to settle to a more thrilling adventure. 


However, if you are just into picnicking for the day, it would be best if you spread your blankets while on the picnic area as soon as you enter the place.


Siok falls is not a secluded place thus it is very accessible by a four-wheeled vehicle. The receiving area also has wide parking lots for vehicles.Since the entrance fee to the place is quite cheap, one need not empty his wallet for a waterfall adventure in the city of Koronadal.


We are yet to see what more can be done to the place as renovations and preservations are done in parallel to improve it while keeping its natural milieu intact. 

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