What is Big Pao’s Burger


Many food businesses have slowly been established in the city offering variety of menus. The competition becomes only a matter of social media feedback and baloney as we are yet to see and hopefully read an honest review specifying which has the best menu and which has the worst.

Now let’s talk about burgers. Burgers are one of the most common entries of every menu. Every single person seems to love burgers. I have yet to meet a person who hates burgers.

Since everybody loves them, there is a very fine line on the comparison of each of them. But I think one of the best burgers in the city is in Big Pao’s.

Big Pao’s is located in Pantua Village, a few meters from Pantua Gate of Notre Dame of Marbel University. The place is advantageously located near a school and the area where many students hangout.

The range of Big Pao’s menu is from rice meals to chicken wings. But one of the standout from the place is definitely their burger.

Their freshly-baked buns are given justice by the well-seasoned patty which smells of the juices of flavorful experience. Fresh lettuce and tomatoes never had the chance to wilt due to the heat as the burger was served as soon as it was done being prepared. The cheese melting on the patty offered a delightful taste of saltiness to the greasy patty.

The greater edge of this burger is not only the fresh components of its every layer but the palatable mishmash of a bite largely brought by the patty.

I think we had been lucky that day because the one who served us has the air of an owner who is proud to have us savor his creation. After a couple of weeks, we went to the place again, ordered the same burger plus other food from the menu. The difference this time was that the burger seemed to have lost its original magic.