Where to dine in Koronadal, City?

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Koronadal City is never short of restaurants and cafés for people who choose to visit the city for food or for locals who is very fond of food tripping.

Among the well-known restaurants serving Filipino dishes are Cinco Niñas and Mesa Filipino Moderne. If you are into carenderia, the city has a modern carenderia with Big Pao’s. Seafood is always among the choices and the best in the city is Jonathan’s Garden Seafood Grill.; although, Penong’s also prides itself with seafood, as well as barbeque. If you are a pasta lover, Basilio’s Based-Basil Pasta & Resto is perfect for you.

Among the restaurants which offer great variety of food, McCoy’s Rib Joint and Sheila’s Park Family Resto & KTV lead. McCoy’s Rib Joint variety of food ranges from traditional Filipino dishes to All-American and Mexican dishes. Sheila’s Park Family Resto & KTV, on the other hand, is renowned for its native chicken specialties, tilapia, hito, seafood, sizzlers, and above all – steak.

For someone who will likely spend an hour or two in a coffee shop, Koronadal City has many options of coffee shops. All Day Café by Ravinni boasts its Rustic-themed interiors where its distinct coffee is brewed. Bean and Grape serves not only coffee but also Wine and Sandwiches and Cheese and Pasta and Deli and Tapa. Blugre Coffee offers its reasonably priced quality coffee since a couple of decade ago. Bo’s Coffee on the other hand maintains its reputation in offering only 100% Filipino Coffee.

If you don’t want wifi then Box Coffee is for you as they encourage playing board games and talking to each other. Café Bellissimo proudly presents its homemade desserts and pasta with their coffee. Frostbite, on the other hand, is the home of eye-catching creations of various drinks. Refuge Café is known as the “coffee shop with a purpose” by providing a mini-library and a space for children to play inside their café. The Farm Coffee Bar offers a wide variety of breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, and of course coffee. Busy Brew Café lifts itself with the mantra of being “the only thing busy in your coffee”. The Brew Project PH and The Coffee Table are not only a coffee shop but also a restaurant. Tintin’s Bakery Café brags about its cakes masterpieces which are always product of passion.

What is a city without any fast food right? Koronadal have had Jolibee, Mc Donalds, and Chowking. Other fast food stores are housed inside malls.

Night food stalls are also a thing in the city. These places are particularly crowded on the weekends but never run out of patrons during weekdays also. The Barbeque Walk or B-Walk is the most well-known in the city; the Alunan BBQ Stalls are also one of the better options.


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