Zipline and Eco-Tourism Resort

Zipline and Eco-Tourism Resort

Zipline and Eco Tourism Resort 

Who would have thought that a resort with a zipline is possible in Koronadal City?Also in barangay Mambukal, just a few kilometers from

Mambukal Hot Springs, Zipline and Eco-Tourism Resort sport three swimming pools and a zipline which is the only resort in the city to have done so.


Being situated on the foot of the same mountain range, the resort boasts a colder climate and the scenery of the whole city. The zipline is not that long, but considering the cheap rates, the experience will be quite worth it.


Like any other ziplines, there are steps to take before reaching to its starting point. From there you can see the city even before starting your adventure. The zipline zooms above the resort thus the things you can see while flying are coconut trees, cottages, pools, and other



Down below the cottages are enough for groups who are celebrating some occasions down to couple or solos who have wandered to the place. The pools are not very deep and are very good for a swim. They are also regularly maintained thus the cleanliness of the water and of the pool themselves.


What makes this resort stand out from others is that

their scenic location screams of nature despite some of the renovations. The

place is surrounded by maintained greenery.Just recently, the place announced that they are now starting to cater guests for an overnight stay. 


The place is sure to be cold during the night and by early morning. Therefore, that can be the break everybody is looking for from the heat of the city without going far and expensive.Also, the management of the place is very active in social media. It is possible to do reservations via their social media accounts or just do inquiries about the place.


Nevertheless, the resort can be your least expensive getaway around the city. For more details you may 
visit Koronadal City
and find out more about us.

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